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Management Team

  • Shekhar Shridhar Parab

    Shekhar Shridhar Parab is the Chairman & Managing Director of 9Planets Products Private limited. A highly successful Industrialist and Venture Capitalist..

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  • Aishwarrya Parab

    Aishwarrya Parab, born in Mumbai is the co-founder of 9Planets Products Private Limited, and the wife of Industrialist Shekhar Parab. Aishwarrya is very actively involved in several philanthropic activities. read more..


9Planets Products Private Limited is the brainchild of Shekhar & Aishwarrya Parab. We hold our values dear – we provide only the best quality products, made from the best quality raw materials, for our customers who deserve only the best.

Fully automated plant which ensures a series of computerized in- process control ensures a high level of quality products to our customers.